Prediabetes and the Best Cookies for that Diagnosis! Introducing Miss Nicky!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little while since I last posted but I am BACK! I have been quite busy with finishing my book proposal, shopping for publishers and writing about my prediabetes diagnosis. HUGE bummer but genetics are genetics. Read my posts here and share with all your sugar challenged friends! How my Body Betrayed Me

I was fortunate enough to have my friend Nicky Mesiah drop off some of her low glycemic cookies for me the other day so that i can indulge! I asked her to tell me how she got started and here it is. I highly recommend you try her cookies-she ships!

The basis behind starting Miss Nicky’s….

When I left Corporate America in 2001, my first question was: “…where’s everybody eating?”  I was horrified to find that the state of food was left few if any, ‘healthy options’?  Having enlisted a nutritionist back in about 1987, I fully understood the importance of adopting healthy eating habits which is why I went in the 1st place.   Also, as a kid I had a school chum with leukemia then when I moved to here, I volunteered at Sloan-Kettering in NYC every month for their ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ breast cancer program.  The common thread was ‘food’ & lack of healthy food especially once diagnosed with a disease or, compromised immune system.   That’s when the rules change abruptly.  The rise in heart disease as the #1 killer for women & now men, the rise in childhood obesity plus obesity in adults including high incidence for Baby Boomers, rise in gluten intolerance, vegan & sustainable eating, the desire for Millennials to eat healthier All intersect at needing ‘healthy food’!  

So I set out & created the CLEANEST COOKIE IN THE MARKET & 1 great cookie for All of the above neglected niches, hence the BFEcookie Line! BFE’s close the gap for what’s been missing in the market!

BFE=Butterless.Flourless.Eggless & the tagline is: ‘Let our BFE’s be Your New BFF’

Now, 1 delicious cookie can be enjoyed by all of the above neglected niches!  So if you have someone in the family who is obese, diabetic, vegan/glutenfree, dairy intolerant, can’t eat cholesterol, has a heart issue, needs fiber, has cancer—(which demands a  low sugar), Millennial, etc.  ‘they can now enjoy BFEcookies!  No more stigma if someone has diabetes or heart disease,  vegan/glutenfree, dairy intolerant, etc. –

Millennials & Baby Boomers want the ‘same thing’, a ‘healthy treat that is sustainable’.  The use of organic millet & organic flax, certified glutenfree oats, etc. – address the issue of health.  BFE’S, NEVER USE ANY CORN, RICE, SOY, wheat, dairy!   

Corn & Soy are heavily ‘GMO’ & Rice has arsenic however, those are the main ingredients in most glutenfree cookies, etc?

-The Chillie-Millie, thin chocolate millet BFEcookie & the Vegan Bobbi-flax/oat base BFE, were created for makeup artist, Bobbi Brown   (100 calories)
-The ‘M’POWer’ BFE is the VeganBobbi, but with chocolate chips to ‘empower everyone on their journey
-MC3=Millet Chocolate-Chip-Cookie…(hence, those 3 C’s…LOL)  from 65 to 150 Calories, depends on size
-100% GrainFree chocolaty BUFF-Muffin, made from organic Buckwheat & no cane sugar/no oil (sweetened w/molasses, applesauce, sunflower seeds)  150 Calories & lower when chips are reduced
-100% Oat based Buff-Muffin – that you didn’t receive but equally as delish & only 90 or, 100 Calories

Miss Nicky’s is All About Being Healthy, not Skinny!  The ingredients used, are meant for optimum health, with fiber & even protein!  Most cookies have ‘neither’, so I’m quite proud of our BFE’s! xo!


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