Pin the Moustache on Justin Bieber and We’re in the Hospital!

Hi everyone. Once again, to have our family function properly, we need a village. To make a long story short, my four year old ended up in the hospital with an infection in her finger Friday night. She’s still there. That would be bad enough, but did I mention that I hosted a 14 girl sleepover birthday party , complete with chocolate fountain, cocktail hors d’ouvres (from Costco, of course) and a lot of other junk food, set up “pin the moustache on Justin Bieber” and made breakfast for all by myself since my husband was with the four year old????

Well, I did not really have to do it alone because my friends helped out in myriad ways; helped house my 5 year old overnight, helped lend me the decorations for this night club themed event since I had no time to buy a disco ball AND helped me put them up, helped me cut out Justin’s paper moustaches, plan on caring for my other kids while I am in the hospital tomorrow, got presents for the four year old to bring to the hospital and called to see how we are all doing. I have great friends and family:-)

The food is awful for you at the hospital so my husband brought in amazing falafel from a place called Jerusalem in Livingston, NJ near the hospital. Thank goodness. Jerusalem Restaurant
* (973) 533-1424
99 W Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039

Recipe of the day, make sure to foster your relationships so that people will be there in your time of need. Thank you loved ones!
P.S. She’s on the mend and if you don’t believe me, check her out below:



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  1. ¡Qué demasiado! Eres la mamá más linda y tierna del mundo. Quisiera estar a tu lado para ayudarte. Eres tremenda. ¡Qué niños más afortunados son los tuyos por tener una madre tan buena!

  2. Get well Asa!!!
    And bravo to the inventor of the medicine bike!
    And we love that pin the moustache on Jason Bieber. How about pin the eyebrows on Joe Jonas for the next party?
    Love, cousin Olive, Mae, Ellis, Aunt Katy and Uncle Dave

  3. kudos to your husband for sleeping in the st barnabas fold-out chair. i put in two weeks a while ago and was exceedingly happy to get home to a matress! those wonderful playrooms save your sanity…get well soon!

  4. poor asa! i hope she'll be out of the hospital soon but she seems to be doing pretty well, probably better than you!

  5. OMG—just saw this Alma. You are dealing with everything with your usual sense of humor and aplomb. But seriously, I am so glad that Asa is on the mend (and getting a workout in!)

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