Perfect Guacamole, Needles in my Back and Good Friends

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. First an announcement: Our second Parents Who Rock CD just hit the stores! Find out where at (I am singing 2 tracks on it). Now on to the blog…Well, I really did it this time. Remember how I was just talking about getting older? Well, guess who threw out her back this weekend? I could barely walk but thank goodness for all my friends who helped me out. I know Thanksgiving is over, but I must give thanks for all I have.

My friend Patti Safian , an acupuncturist and yoga instructor in town, came and did a home visit with her needles in hand. She almost brought me back to my everyday,energetic self, at least enough to allow me to make my delicious and Mexicany guacamole for my guests. I must plug her! Her contact info is 917-415-7413,

Also, since this is a food blog , I need to mention how my friend Julie made a point of bringing me cooked kids food: mac n’ cheese, cooked, plain pasta, already steamed broccoli and breaded, cooked chicken. Now, gourmet meals are nice when you are out of commission, but what most of us worry about when we are incapacitated is our children and how they will eat. Receiving this bounty of just-need-to-microwave-food was a true relief.

When I was feeling a bit more able to stand up, I HAD to use my perfectly ripe avocados. I couldn’t bear the thought of them going bad before my eyes. Here is my creation for you to enjoy:

Perfect Guacamole:

2 ripe avocados
1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro
1/2 tsp lime zest 1/2 lime’s juice
2 pinches salt
10 grinds of pepper
P.S. Thank you to all my giving friends and family, you know who you are.
P.P.S. Above is a great photo from the fundraiser dinner I threw , discussed in the last blog post. The photo was taken by Claudine Moore of Mayor Jerry Fried of Montclair, me, the musician, Scott E. Moore and the founder/director of Little kids Rock, David Wish. Don’t forget to contact me if you want to throw a “house gig” for Little Kids Rock!


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