Perfect Eggs and Stacey Saves Breakfast for Dinner Night!

Hi everyone. As many of my friends and Take Back the Kitchen readers know, Monday night is breakfast for dinner night and I always serve a family favorite, eggs. Because I had made cookies with my kids today in a desperate attempt to keep them from watching more icarly and Spongebob, I realized thatI ran out of eggs! I had already foolishly made the trip to Whole Foods this morning with all four kids and was NOT about to return with them (let’s just say I ended up buying way more Bumpers cereal than I had planned), so I thought I might have to switch to Tuesday night’s quesadilla night. Just as I was lamenting my situation, my friend Stacey came over to return a pack-and-play she had borrowed. When she mentioned she was off to go food shopping, I made my move: “would you mind picking up 2 cartons of organic eggs??” She stepped in and saved the day, saving breakfast for dinner!

Historically, we have always lived in communities, helping each other out with the care of the home and our kids. We’ve gotten so far from this kind of lifestyle/culture that it can seem awkward to ask someone for help. We may feel we are imposing or that others may feel that we are not competent. I ask for help with shopping because I know that if anyone asked me (and I usually offer) for shopping help, I am happy to help (unless it’s a huge 16 pack of toilet paper from Costco-you’ve got to draw the line somewhere). I even asked my friend Josh to buy me milk and corn tortillas yesterday, although he refused to accept my money-not right! So make your life easier and ask for shopping help!

Back to eggs…Can we please sing eggs’ praises? Eggs get such a bad rap and it is really a shame. The incredible, edible egg is not just an ad campaign for chicken farmers from the eighties! Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. I have read that NOTHING besides Mother’s milk provides everything we need in terms of protein, vitamins and minerals. Eggs are one of the few foods that can support life entirely on their own (so now you know what to pack when you may get stuck on Gilligan’s Island). Although some research shows that we should limit our intake of egg yolks which have a lot of cholesterol, other research shows that eggs don’t raise cholesterol or triglycerides. Even the American Health Association advises that for the elderly, pre-menopausal women, and children, eggs have more benefits than risks.

So, here is a recipe for perfect scrambled eggs that I got from a health cookbook. Yes, this may seem basic, but most people destroy scrambled eggs, including myself, because we are in a hurry. The secret to delicious eggs like the ones we get in restaurants, is SLOW cooking, cooked at a low to moderate heat.

Perfect Eggs:

Beat the eggs with a fork, whisk or blender. Add one TBS of liquid (water, milk or even chicken broth) for every 2 eggs. For the greatest volume and lightness, beat the whites separately. For 4 eggs, use an 8″ skillet. Heat one TBS of butter and reduce heat to low. Blend the eggs with the liquid (in this case 4 TBS) and pour the mixture in the skillet. As the eggs begin to cook, stir to keep them from sticking and to let the uncooked portion flow to the bottom. When they hold their shape but are still moist and slightly undercooked after about 2-3 minutes,remove from the heat. They will continue to cook for a few seconds after they are removed from the burner. Put them onto warmed plates,since you have time to do that, and garnish with scallions, chives or anything else. Enjoy!


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  1. Totally agree that shopping help, and any kind of help is good to ask for. We don’t live in a vacuum. And everything, I mean EVERYTHING, we do and say affects those around us. It seems to be the lesson of the year for my eight year old.

    But the same goes for money. For things that cost less than $10, don’t bother, it really all comes out in the wash.


  2. Eggs are wonderful! Low and slow is the key to great eggs. And a little bit of heavy cream. 🙂

  3. I now have 2 reasons for finally commenting on your awesome blog! First, I was mentioned in you blog title – so fun! Second, tonight my 7 year old daughter asked me for a Kale shake. I think she actually craved it after having them for the past few days. I have you to thank for this! A million trips to the supermarket for you couldn’t repay you for the help you’ve given me on my own cooking journey! Kale shakes today – who knows what tomorrow will bring!


  4. Fabulous, Alma. Eggs are so simple, but so hard to get right. I’ve heard that water is the liquid to use (rather thank milk) b/c the latter makes the eggs tough.
    My mom used to add cream cheese while scrambling in the (cast iron) pan. Yummy.

    (But if I think about it too much, I still think eggs are gross.)

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