Organizing Snack Bags or Breading? You Choose!

Hi everyone. As I was going through my pantry today and saw an almost empty box of crackers, I thought about how a friend of mine organizes her cupboards AS she creates travel snack bags. If I don’t act fast enough, my husband throws out these edible but small remainders. As I cannot bear waste, however, I follow her example of putting the small remainders of crackers, raisins, nuts and anything else that is in big boxes or bags, into small ziplocs or tupperware that I then either leave in the cupboard or bring to the car.

These are great ways to make your pantry/cupboards look nice and neat, emptying out for new storage, and to simultaneously create snack packages that you always have around when you are on the go. She goes so far as to tape the little snack bags to the inside of her cupboard doors for easy grabbing. She is a genius.

I have found that some of the reasons why many of us are not inspired to cook is because we are disorganized in the kitchen. We have no idea what lurks behind the vast array of boxes and cans and we have neither the time nor the inclination to find out because it is too daunting.

If we can organize better with glass or see-through plastic containers, large in the back of the cabinet, small in the front, we can get a better sense of what we have. Also, labeling with markers on masking tape or writing directly on tupperware storage with a grease pencil can help too.

It all starts with the realization of what it is that is blocking us from starting to cook and THEN getting organized. It is pretty simple if we take the time to think about what is keeping us from reaching our own goals.

Here’s a recipe suggestion for the leftovers, AKA, Breading:

Take those leftover potato chip crumbs, tortilla chip crumbs, cracker crumbs, pretzel crumbs, etc. Coat fish filets, tofu slabs or chicken with a thin layer of light mayonnaise or egg and dip into the leftover crumbs. Pan fry in a little oil or bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Easy and delicious and best of all, no waste! Enjoy!
P.S. Just beware of salt content in your bottom-of-the-bag remainders b/c if there is a lot of salt, it could have collected at the bottom of the bag, causing a very salty breading. If this happens, just add in some of the new, whole crackers, pretzels, etc.


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