Nutella Frozen Pie (Oh Yeah!) and Not Even Feeling Guilt

Hi everyone. Do you have to hide Nutella jars from your loved ones like I do? Well, the deceptive behavior has paid off because I made a pie that is to die for. Let me explain and please don’t judge me.

I make a concerted effort to have healthy meals at my house most of the time so that I can eat things like Nutella Pie and not feel so guilty. Everything in moderation….

I served this pie for my friend, Ki’s birthday and I do believe it went over quite well. I got a peanut butter pie recipe from my son’s class cookbook, contributed by a neighbor, Sarah. When I planned to make the pie, I could not find the peanut butter. Then, a stroke of genius-the Nutella I hid from my husband! I substituted the sugar, peanut butter and vanilla for the Nutella and almost passed out from the sheer deliciousness of it all. I am here to share the love with you.

P.S. The seedlings are almost ready to plant. Stay tuned for how Sarah Vogel and I will be starting my vegetable garden (

Frozen Nutella Pie:

25 healthier oreo type cookies or peanut butter sandwich cookies
5 TBS butter, melted

In a food processor, combine butter and cookies and puree until there is a crumby mixture. Press the mixture into a freezer proof pie plate

Filling: (this is where it gets GOOD!)

1 1/4 cups Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread-can get at most supermarkets now
1 Tub healthier True Whip cool whip type frozen topping (can get at A&P; and Whole Foods)
1 8 oz. package Philadelphia cream cheese
chocolate shavings-optional for topping, made by taking a dark chocolate candy bar and peeling it with a carrot peeler on top

In a mixer with a paddle, whip together the cream cheese, Nutella and True whip until fully combined. Spread into the crumb filled pie plate and make it nice and flat on top. Shave chocolate on top if using it. Place in freezer for at least 4 hours and serve cold. Deeeeeeelicious!


7 Responses

  1. the pie was so delicious and amazing that you thought of using the Nutella!!! And I am so impressed and inspired by your vegetable seedlings! (I have to get going with that in my house!)

  2. I make mini nutella pies–I put a dollop of Nutella on a spoon and voila! De-lish. And so easy.

    Actually, I can no longer buy nutella as I find it irresistible. I have to say though, I kind of loathe that you can buy it at any old Walgreens now. I used to love when you had to make someone schlepp it home from Europe. Somehow that made it even more delicious.

  3. it was GREAT! I layered the bottom of the pie with banana and the sides with strawberry and then covered it with strawberries! It was soooo good, but I dont think I will ever cook with nutella again…it is so sticky!

  4. Alma !! your frozen nutella pie tastes awesome! i wonder if you have another recipe like this one!

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