My Award Winning Cooking Video is Up!

Hi everyone! Guess what? Remember when so many of you kind readers voted for me and the edamame dip recipe I entered for the GMC Trade Secrets Contest? Well, I won! and here is the link to the video of Sam Talbot and I actually making the dip! Let me tell you, not only was he a pleasure to work with, but he was so tall that even with my four inch Lady Gaga platforms he TOWERED over me!

Even if you are worried about cooking a dip and making it come out alright, you will be shocked at how just a few simple ingredients can transform themselves into such a creamy , healthy and delicious snack for adults and kids alike.

Check out the video and make the recipe!!

Thanks again for helping me win!

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8 Responses

  1. Cook Nice! I like! And I love your edamame dip! Had no idea it had agave in it. Now I have the GMC Trade Secrets!

  2. Congrats Alma! You’re a natural. I can’t wait to make the dip! Man, that was some tall drink of water you had in your kitchen (but you stood tall sister!). You go, go, go!

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