Matzoh Brie and Re-purposing Those Leftovers!

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. First off, a quick thank you to the Maplewood/South Orange Chapter of Mothers and More for having me as their guest speaker last night. It was a fun and engaging evening (until I lost my way home, even with my GPS-suffice it to say that my forearms were sore this morning from clutching the wheel with darkness-induced panic coupled with the fear of never making it back home).

Also, my Take Back the kitchen article was finally published in the Montclair Times by Nicole Grey of it out at:

So, anyway, one of the cooking obstacles we discussed was the guilt and frustration of wasting leftovers. So many of us admit to having good intentions, storing away in tupperware what we don’t use, but then forgetting about them as our busy lives take over.

We need a plan, people! Just like all of our other prepping and planning moments throughout our day, we need to take a step back, take a moment to peruse the fridge periodically and use what is on it’s way to rancid-ville. We plan our childcare, our dry cleaning pick-ups, our hair dying appts., our Parent-teacher conferences but not how to take care of our own and our family’s health and economics? If we want to be healthy and save money, we need to get on board and invest some time in learning how to repurpose those leftovers and ingredients, don’t you think?

If we don’t want to do it, maybe we can get another family member to do it….

Check out some familiar New England family members who were just visiting in the video below to see how they deal with Passover leftovers (or don’t deal with them!) and follow the recipe below for matzoh brie, (or egg-matzoh omelet) to use up all those pesky passover ingredients that will eventually be infested with meal moths if we don’t use them. Maybe make breakfast for dinner night, “matzoh brie night”, invite some Jews or non-Jews and teach about the Jewish holidays. Add some Manischevitz to the mix and you’ve got yourself Jewish theme night 1-2-3!

Jodi’s Matzoh Brie:

2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
3 broken up matzohs soaked for a second in water

butter or olive oil

In a medium sized bowl, beat eggs, add milk, add broken, soaked matzoh and stir to combine. Heat up a medium sized frying pan over low to medium heat. Add butter or oil. When it is melted or hot, add egg mixture, cook for 2 minutes or so , flip over with a big spatula and serve hot with syrup, jam or even ketchup. Can serve with sausage or bacon too.


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  1. I go straight to the source & put straight sugar on my matzoh brie. i guess that's why i should only eat it at passover. i made some last week & yesterday, with no bread in the house, i had a pb&j; on matzoh.

  2. I loved your presentation at Mothers & More last week. The tips are great. It was so helpful for me to gain a new perspective on prepping meals for my family. Plus I've been making the "green drink" and it's not bad. My 4 y.o. even sucks it down (with prompting). You were right about the, ahem, delayed benefits.

    FYI: Did you know that carmelized onions freeze well? I found the following link:

    Thanks again, Nancy

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