Making Mayor Cory Booker’s Food Taste Better-I Can Help!


Hi everyone!

Before I begin, I NEED you to see my video if you haven’t already with my Brooklyn Friends Joey and Freddy. They are TOO MUCH!

Well, today I am excited (I’m always excited!). I have been trying to help Mayor Cory Booker of Newark with some cooking strategies on his site Waywire because he has limited food items to work with. You see, he is trying to live like many other Americans who get very little money from food stamps and those food items need to streeeeeeeeetch so they get enough to eat. They also need to taste good!

If you read my blog, you’ll know that prepping for longevity is important as well as prepping the ingredients so you can make them if you are in a hurry.  Maybe MOST important is to make the food taste good if it is healthy!

Here is what he bought for his week:

Beans, apples, corn, broccoli and yams, Olive oil,  cauliflower, lettuce mix.

I have already sent a video of my friend Patti and I making a black bean and corn salad and below is the link to a video I just made to help him make his yams more flavorful. Check it out! Please send your suggestions to me and I will pass them along!!


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