Deodorant! Life Changing Recipe-For Your Armpits!!!

Hi everyone. Before I begin, please forgive me for talking about armpits on a cooking blog. You won’t be sorry if you read on, however…..

O.K., now I know you may think I am a bit nutty at times but this is not one of those times. I have been sitting on this recipe for a week now, wanting to make certain that it would actually work for you and I think it just might!

Let me start from the beginning: My friend Valerie was telling me about how her sister is very health conscious and only uses natural products. She mentioned that she got a great recipe for natural deodorant from her that actually works.

Now, I am prone to being a jaded New Yorker. It is something that just comes from being a native. I tried that crystal everyone talked about and I walked around stinking to high heaven. “Fool me once!”, I thought.

I am also inclined, however, to be open to giving second chances, especially when it comes to reducing armpit odor, so I went home and like a little chemist, I mixed the 3 easy ingredients together.

I can honestly tell you that this recipe WORKS! No longer do I need to worry about aluminum causing toxic side effects on me or my two daughters.

Try it and let me know what you think. Be a believer!

P.S. Like any recipe, adjust it to your needs by adding more or less of each ingredient. More baking soda will help with the odor reduction.

Natural Deodorant:

one TBS Coconut oil

1 1/2 tsp baking soda (I use 1 3/4 tsp but you may not need to)

1 1/2 tsp cornstarch

I suggest adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil-I used lemongrass

Mix together in a little bowl with a fork until fully combined. It will be liquidy so you can leave it like that or in the fridge where it will become a solid. Take just enough with your finger so that you spread a light film over your clean and fully dry armpit, just as you would do with deodorant. That’s it!!


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  1. I am very excited to try this Alma, thanks. i have tried every natural product out there for fear of health problems, and none have worked. But you have given me hope!
    Rachael Egan.

  2. Thanks for the tip I will try it. I only found one other deodorant that ever worked for me and I love it. Is Young living essential oils: mountain mist deodorant. But it is a little pricy but worth it. I have cold expeller pressed organic coconut oil in my pantry. I am going try this right away. I never really warmed up to cooking with it. So thanks for giving me a wonderful use for the jar I own.

  3. Hi joan and Rachael. I do hope this works for you! Even try a bit more of the baking soda in the mixture if it is not effective b/c that is the real agent for change :-). Good luck!!

  4. Where was Asa? Judge Judy's chamber?

    Do you have an effective recipe for removing the hair from the armpit too?

  5. I was about to be filmed for the local TV channel 34 in the town municipal bldg. and I brought her with me. I couldn't find her and when I did, she was up at the mic with the gavel. She is not to be trusted!
    I would use a razor for the hair but some wax….

  6. Ok, so I never gave deodorant much thought. Just did a quick search and if this recipe works I'll be chucking my Secret. Or is it Dove? I'm not loyal whatsoever…to deodorant brands anyway.

    Asa is too cute!

  7. So glad this worked for you! And so cool you shared it with your readers, too. I tell all my friends about it, who are, like you, pleasantly surprised & smelling nice 🙂

  8. What a great idea! I generally do not need deodorant except on those really steamy, summer-in-the-city kinda days (you know what I mean) – may have something to do with my not eating meat – but I will definitely try this concoction. Much better to stick to natural ingredients and I'm just discovering coconut oil and all it can do.

  9. does the coconut oil stain your clothes? i love this idea but have ruined shirts over the years with all my experimenting in the underarm area!

  10. Only one person out of the dozens who have tried this have had a stain. Apply a very thin layer and massage it into the armpit-clean dry armpit. Let me know how it works!


  11. I will say I was lucky enough to get an Alma made batch of this stuff and I am a total convert. I have been chronically warm since childhood which has always meant sweaty springs, summers and let's face it an occasional winter and fall as well. This stuff WORKS!!! And I feel great using it. So thank you Alma for sharing your gifts with all of us!!!

  12. Im a convert thanks to Alma’s proselytizing, and the container of it she pressed into my hand some minths ago. Not only am I a covert but I too found myself singing the praises of this particular concoction after a long hot sweaty trudge through Brooklyn last week. If this can hold up under those circumstances…that’s remarkable.

    Thanks for helping us lead healthier lives!

  13. Jennifer, I am so glad you are enjoying my little gift! Don’t hate me because I smell divine!

  14. Hi Alma! I found your recipe link on the Get Vegucated website that someone posted. I am eager to try this out. I just recently tried the GeoDeo brand and what a horrible let down that was. It actually made us stink (husband, daughter and myself)! Lol I’ve tried the Crystal brand, Tom’s, etc… All have the same end result, stinky, sticky armpits!!! My husband and daughter are rebelling against me and went out and bought a twin pack of Secret, saying you wear your stuff and we’ll wear this! I’m not giving up yet! I’ll let ya know how this recipe works out for us, or at least for me anyway!!! They refuse to be guinea pigs anymore ;-}

  15. Pamela turned me on to this deodorant whilst we where enduring 38 degrees celsius in Madrid and it worked! I just whipped up a batch large enough to gift to my mom, sister, and discerning friends : ). My daughter and I decorated the little containers with fancy jewels.
    Thanks to this fab recipe now I’m only only funky out on the dance floor! Thanks Alma. You are a gem.

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