Lentil Kale Stew with Sausage and My Stocked Pantry and Freezer-YES!


Hi everyone! What a miserable, rainy, cold day with a sick and crochety 7 year old but how fun that my old pal from H.S., Alain Hunkins, just emailed me after over 20 years!

If that weren’t enough, I had all the pantry ingredients to make a hearty and flavorful stew without having to leave the house.

Freeze your sausage, paper towel up your greens so they stay fresh in a ziploc, and always keep spices and legumes/grains in your pantry.

You know you want to come over for some of it!

Lentil kale Stew with Sausage:

About 5 large stems of kale,any kind, middle stems removed, washed and chopped
4 chicken sausages, sliced into 1/2″ sized disks (can use any kind of sausage, I used Amy’s chicken sausage with apple and gouda)
2 cups small red lentils or any kind of lentils
2 TBS chopped dehydrated onion (in spice section of any supermarket)
1 tsp ground pepper
2 tsp salt
8 cups water

In a large pot or Dutch Oven pot, heat up water until it is boiled. Add the lentils and cook over medium flame for about 15 minutes, longer if using larger lentils until the lentils are tender.
Add the sliced sausage, the kale, the spices and heat to cook through so kale is wilted and sausage is heated through. Adjust spices and serve hot with a nice crusty bread if you have one.


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