Lana’s Fall Cooked Pumpkin Breakfast with Granola and Fruit and YOU are Your Own Boss of Breakfast

Hi everyone! What an event filled week! I presented at the Women’s Club of Montclair on healthy eating for Seniors living alone and participated in the Art of Food Day in Newark, NJ on Saturday. This Thursday I will be speaking at Montclair State University on how food and cooking from scratch impacts children with disabilities. I’m truly jazzed to share the love.

On to our recipe. If you know me at all, you know I love anything out-of-the-box, not literally out of the box like some nasty cake mix but figuratively. This is why I LOVE my old pal Lana’s idea for a Fall breakfast treat.

Who says we need to eat eggs for breakfast when they are eaten at other meals in other cultures?
Who says we need to eat pumpkin at lunch or dinner?

Lana says NO to confining pumpkin to later in the day. Lana is a strong and confidant home cook and throws pumpkin conformity to the wind. She is making a statement and I think we should take a page out of her book. You may remember that I worked with Lana when I lived in Spain in the 90s and she told me I looked like a tramp because I wore a lot of tight, sassy shirts-she really does speak her mind in both the kitchen and elsewhere.
Here’s her delicious recipe:

Cooked pumpkin with Granola and fruit
a pumpkin size of your choice
Optional:whipped cream, maple syrup, raisins, dried currants or any other dried or fresh fruit

Split open the pumpkin, save the seeds for later roasting and place flesh side up on a cookie sheet covered in tin foil or parchment paper
Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the pumpkin and remove from oven when the pumpkin is tender (test with a fork)
Remove the pumpkin flesh and mash desired amount for breakfast and let the rest cool enough so you can store it in a tupperware
Feel free to add whipped cream, maple syrup, raisins, dried currants or any other dried or fresh fruit and or seeds/nuts. Even a fried egg!


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  1. Come on, Alma, you can’t throw in that “I looked like a tramp in my youth” comment and not share a picture. Let your readers decide. 😉 You could put it to a vote.

    The pumpkin idea is inspiring. I have been trying to spice up my breakfasts, so to speak, with hearty greens, tofu and egg whites and this is another way to mix it up. Thanks.

  2. I enjoyed your presentation at the Womens Club. You have inspired me to start making bread again. Have you heard of the Cornell loaf, developed at Cornell Univ. to be a complete protein- rich meal? I used to make it….now i will again!❤️

    1. Fran, so glad you enjoyed my presentation and thanks for coming! I have never heard of that bread but I will now have to research it. yum!

  3. You can also use small fall squash. And you have to remember that NOBODY wore tight shirts back then…Alma was ahead of her time.

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