Korean Bi Bim Bop and Shop With The Expert

Hi everyone! I have a question: Why waste your time searching all over for obscure ethnic ingredients when you probably have a friend in the know who can take you to ethnic groceries and save you a lot of time and energy? That is exactly what I did with my friend, Ki. She took me to her favorite Korean supermarket that was FILLED with delicious and bizarre bargains. They even had some organic produce. It is called H-Mart in Ridgefield, NJ http://www.flickr.com/photos/wallyg/2577145909/

You don’t need to dismiss a recipe just because you can’t find the ingredient or have no idea what the ingredient is. Just ask someone, for corn sake!

I always make a point of going to Korea town in NYC when I go to my yearly check up. I always get the same dish, Bi Bim Bop. Well guess what? I am taking back the Korean Food and making it myself. Here is my healthier version and I do hope you like it.:

Bi Bim Bop for one:

1 cup prepared kimchi with juice (a good brand is “Mother in Law’s Kimchi”: http://www.milkimchi.com/)
2 tsp Asian chili sauce or Korean red chili paste (can get at Asian Food stores)
2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp sesame oil
one egg,cooked over easy
1 cup cooked bulgar wheat or brown rice
1 scallion, finely sliced into rings

In a small sauce pan, heat up the kimchi with juice, the chili paste or sauce and sugar. Stir and cook until all ingredients are combined and heated through. Then add sliced scallions and stir them in.

In a small frying pan, cook an egg, over easy style and make sure that the yolk is runny. Set aside.

Take cooked, hot rice or bulgar wheat and put in a bowl. Top with the kimchi mixture and then top that with the fried egg. Serve to yourself, stir in the egg so it is mixed into the dish and enjoy!



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  1. "For corn's sake." That is the bee's knees. This looks so delicious I am salivating. Good reminder to venture out and try ethnic groceries. Just seeing and smelling the spices is usually worth the trip. Craving spicey now……

  2. Korean, and specifically Bi Bim Bop is my husband's favorite food! I'm going to try to get to the store and surprise him for Valentine's with this recipe. Good timing, alma!

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