Kale Quinoa Crock Pot Stew and Coming Together to Help Our Community

Hi everyone!  As promised on my facebook page (have you “liked” the Take Back the Kitchen” facebook page yet?), I am telling you about the awareness and fundraising campaign for the various food programs for the hungry in the town of Montclair, NJ

TBK and Parents Who Rock will be working very hard to get a lot of donations and cash to help out the various food  programs in Montclair.

Last week, to launch the assistance campaign, I helped the guests make a healthy dish in a crock pot. As we know, crock pots can make healthy dishes without an oven, stove or various pots and plans to buy or clean. We let it stay plugged in overnight so it did get dry so make sure it does not overcook!

Here is what we put in ours but first….

There is yet another need in our community. A beloved teacher from our Montclair Pre-k, Mrs. Carter, had her house burn down. She has 4 children and is now homeless.

Parents Who Rock and Patch.com/ aol are joining forces with Tapastry restaurant to provide a wonderful music fundraiser for her on Monday, May 28th, from 12-4.

Read about the details here and please come to support them!:


…and now for the recipe:

Kale Quinoa Stew:

5 cans kidney beans

2 cups quinoa (add later)

about 6 cups stemmed, washed, chopped kale (add later)

1-2 cans crushed tomatoes

about 2 tsp chili powder

about 2 tsp salt

about 2 tsp cumin

about one TBS crushed, fresh garlic

Combine all ingredients in bowl of a crockpot except for quinoa and kale. Stir. Set for 4 hours. Add quinoa and kale at the 3rd hour. If you need to add the quinoa and kale at the start, that’s o.k., too.

After the 4 hours, taste, adjust seasonings by adding more of each if need be and enjoy!










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