Jodi’s Frothy Almond “Cappuccino” For Kids and My New Love in 2012…..

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have decided to make January 2012 all about kids and cooking. If we don’t model for them, cook with them, expose them to good food and cooking, who will?

This is why my beautiful sister in law is in the video above teaching us how to make a really delicious, low calorie, nutrient dense TWO ingredient recipe that the whole family can enjoy without guilt.

I’ll give you the recipe in a second, but first I want to tell you about my crush. No, it is not on Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling or even the ever so talented redheaded U.S. Marine terrorist star of Homeland, but it is Zumba!

I finally joined the Y and I do believe I have found in Zumba the perfect exercise that combines my love of Latin/Spanish music and dance and my desire to be active (those who know me well know that I believe myself to be a reincarnated Sephardic Jew from the 1400s). I just may stick with my workout plan because I have connected exercise with something deep inside of me.

Until we know what makes us tick, we may get frustrated and give up. Please don’t! Find out what makes you tick in the kitchen-good music playing? Prepped vegetables? No kids around? Learning your favorite ethnic cuisine? Think about it….

While you are thinking, try Jodi’s special drink for her daughter and PLEASE send in your kids recipes to me if they want to be on TBK!:

Jodi’s Frothy Almond “Capuccino”:

1/2 cup cold almond milk
sprinkle of cocoa powder

With an aerolatte or milk frother for coffee, froth the milk until it has a nice head on it. Sprinkle the cocoa powder. Serve…


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