I’m Back From My Cruise! and Masculine Homemade Deodorant

Hi everyone! Sorry for my unexpected disappearance, but I left for a cruise last week (remember the rushed passport?), planned to post about all my Bahamian cruise food experiences for you only to find that there was no internet access!

I will save the delicious posts and photos for you for later (like the one of the Exec. Chef from the Cruise, Kevin Green above), and will instead tell you about my newest recipe inspired by an amazing new company that specializes in essential oils. I am so smitten with this company that I will be hosting a party where you can learn about all of their products (see below).

Back to the recipe. Remember my incredibly effective deodorant from the summer? Well, now you can make it all masculine smelling with a combo of the same ingredients but adding a few drops of “Roots” essential oil that I got from Anjali. Here is the new recipe and don’t eat it!:

All Natural Deodorant for Men:

1 TBS coconut oil
1 and 3/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cornstarch
about 10 drops Roots essential oil from Anjali or any other musky oil

Mix all together until all the ingredients are fully combined and smooth. Apply a dab under each clean, dry armpit.

Order your oils for the holidays and read about my party below which will be just in time to pamper yourself for Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day lets take some time for ourselves! Please save the date for Monday, February 13th from 10-12 when I will host my friends Beth and Alana Greenberg for an Anjali Aromatics Aroma Salon. Our theme is “Love Thyself” this Valentine’s Day, and we have designed a fun-filled, informative morning where we will sample through Anjali’s amazing essential oil blends and organic products.

Anjali Aromatics is a local company that just launched its website this week. Feel free to visit their site at www.Anjaliaromatics.com to learn more. They hand-craft the world’s finest essential oils creating luxurious, healing aromas. Their blends are inspired by Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and designed to help us restore our balance and radiate our beauty. Who doesn’t need some of that?

More information to follow!


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