I’m an Awesome Wife. Are You?

Hi everyone and Happy Father’s Day to all you fellas out there!

For his special day, my husband woke up to a breakfast of an egg white omelette with herbes de Provence, whole grain toast buttered IMMEDIATELY after being removed from the toaster so the butter melts (that’s how his mom made it for him), fresh blueberries and coffee. Here’s what he said to me:

“Do you want to know what this would be called in the 1950s? ‘Morning’ “

Even though he is a tad obnoxious, I still love him. Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. His present was that I sorted and put away all, and I mean ALL of the clean laundry covering every surface of our bedroom. Yeah, I’m an awesome wife.


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  1. And humility is one of your greatest attributes! : ) Glad to hear I am not the only one with laundry in various stages of completion…

  2. How about this one? Served husband his favorite breakfast (pancake souffle) with fresh berries and maple syrup outside on the porch with well scrubbed kids and an assortment of handmade cards and gifts. Perfect! As we cleared the table and headed in for our next activity, one of the kids accidentally tripped me as i walked into the house. In seconds I had liberally distributed all remaining maple syrup and sliced berries throughout the entry – dripping and sticks doors, shoes, walls, rugs, floors, and of course me plus I shattered the bowl, cut the foot, cut my forehead and then spent the rest of the morning soaking and scrubbing to stave off the ants! The Dad of the Day was a great help with the cleanup – whew! A Father's Day breakfast to remember.

  3. This post was too funny!

    Dave received his first breakfast in bed this father's day…Andres insisted on it. When Dave said that he would eat in the dining area Andres said "No! You have to eat in bed, because you are tired. You look like like this…" he made the most haggard looking face and hunched his shoulders. Gotta love it.

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