If You Comment, Food Will Come (and Spinach-Banana Shake)-PLEASE HELP!!

Hi everyone. I was asked by the Shoprite Partners in Caring Program to let you all know about an INCREDIBLY EASY way we can all help to get food to local hungry people. Basically, if you simply comment on this blog post, we can get a whole bunch of cereal to our local food pantries. Below is a description of Partners in Caring and how it works. PLEASE POST A COMMENT! You are all so great!!!

ShopRite Partners In Caring – How It Started

The ShopRite organization recognized the pervasive problem of hunger experienced by so many people right in the neighborhoods served by their stores. It’s a problem that not only exists during the holiday season, when attention is focused on charitable giving, but it also exists throughout the year.

Today, the ShopRite Partners In Caring program supports 23 regional food banks and more than 1,400 charitable agencies with food or meal components. With a $2 million annual donation, more than $20 million has been donated since 1999 in the fight against hunger.

Here’s where you can help. If 30 people comment on this blog post, 30 boxes of cereal will be delivered to our local food pantry. SERIOUSLY!!!! Please comment and be a part of the hunger solution.

How It Works:

Companies that have joined ShopRite in the fight against hunger are marked in stores with the ShopRite Partners In Caring shelf label. By choosing these products, ShopRite customers support manufacturers who contribute to the program.

Who Is Served:

More than 36 million Americans go to bed hungry every night – 12 million of them are children. They could be your neighbors, people you know in the community or maybe somebody you said “hello” to this morning. ShopRite is committed to making a difference in the lives of its neighbors. That’s why ShopRite Partners In Caring dollars ultimately service a variety of organizations with feeding capabilities including emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, child care centers, battered women’s shelters, senior programs, drug rehab centers, programs for the mentally and physically disabled, after school programs and other organizations that support those in need in ShopRite communities.

Every time a customer purchases products with the ShopRite Partners In Caring shelf tag, they support the brands that support the fight against hunger. At ShopRite, customers are not just filling a grocery bag; they are helping to fill empty bowls for thousands of hungry families in your community.

PLEASE POST a Comment and help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some great items you can purchase at ShopRite to make a healthy green shake! (Don’t forget to come see me demo my shakes at the Montclair Farmers market this Saturday from 9AM-2PM!

Spinach-Banana Shake:

2 frozen bananas (can get at ShopRite)
1/2 bag of frozen spinach from a 1 lb bag (can get at Shoprite)
4 cups water

Puree until smooth in a powerful blender and enjoy!!


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  1. We're big shoprite fans in this house – and we love shoprite from home (most of the time!). it's good to see them partnering with you to raise awareness for your personal cause and to fight hunger. YAY ALMA
    YAY Shoprite

    – ssd

  2. It's not often that speaking up can have such a quick and tangible effect – thanks for letting us help!

  3. i love following all the great work you are doing on your blog… someone should write a song about YOU!


  4. We're big TBK, ShopRite and cereal fans! Might have to add spinach – banana shakes to the list. Who'd have thought?

  5. great shake! How can I make a green leafy shake, not green? My kids won't go near green. Let me know your hints and I will get everything at Shoprite – when I am in NY or NJ of course!

  6. Cereal is such a great source of nutrition! Warm cereal in the winter and cold cereal all year long is a great source of niacin and other b vitamins. Cereal also makes you feel loved and ready to go!

    Way to go, Alma!

  7. I love this blog! Great cooking tips and ideas, great videos and, now, an easy way to help out. Thank you!

  8. A big thanks to both Alma and Shoprite for caring about our communities in need. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much I love Shoprite's Can Can sale…I could sing that ditty all day long!! And I do.

  9. we shop at shoprite all the time and are loving the organic plums and nectarines..and the gluten free tortillas.die. very delicious. I buy lots of food there that I find in Alma"s blog…she's simply fabulous.

  10. In my country we combine banana with everything: on pizza, in a grilled cheese sand., smoothies but with spinach was my first time. It's good, it's tasty, I love it.
    Thanks for the new experience!
    Best wishes.

  11. Delicious idea! We are "Shoprite from home" shoppers – and now perhaps we'll get the ingredients for a great shake there! Thanks for doing this!

  12. This is fantastic Alma! And I am sorry, but I don't know what the HTML tags mean because I am a ludite, so I cannot add them.


  13. We do all our shopping at Shoprite and are always happy to see companies giving back to their communities. If you get more than 30 comments – will they donate more boxes of cereal? I'm sure you'll be surprised at just how many people read your blog in such a short time!!

  14. With food stamp participation at an all time high, I am more than happy to make comment and send a box of cereal to organizations that fight hunger.

  15. I made the vegie shake with yogurt, blueberries and kale the las time you posted about shakes and it was good. I will try this one.

  16. this sounds great–shoprite is a sea of value in an overpriced community filled with overpriced markets.
    this will be a great cause!

  17. I volunteered at a food bank and was blown away by how good it felt to help out. Thanks for doing this. And I'm so impressed you got all of those girls to sip spinach…green shake! green shake! green shake!

  18. This is great. Brookdale ShopRite has always been a great supporter of my fundraisers. i make my spinach-fruit shakes (although i do use less spinach & more fruit!) Great Job!