How to Post Comments and Blog Error

Hi everyone. Some of you were automatically sent an older post and I am not sure why-I apologize. Please go to to see the new post and new recipe.

Also, thank you for all your comments to the blog. There are many of you, however , who press “reply” and that means I am the only one who receives your comment. This blog will be much more fun and helpful if we are all receiving all of your comments.
Soooo, to post a comment that everyone will see, please go to, and at the end of my post, it says, “comments”. If you click that, you can write a post that EVERYONE will see and you can do so anonymously if you wish by clicking “anonymous”. Thanks for sharing all your fabulous opinions and comments and recipes.

One more thing. I have made it easy to subscribe for free. Simply enter your email where it says, “subscribe” under my crazy photo in my boots.


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