How Does He Do It???

Hi everyone!

I was so fortunate to catch Dr. Roosevelt Weaver, aka Dr. Speed, at the YMCA the other day. If you didn’t see my post on facebook, this handsome fellow is 81 years old and is still running AND training sprinters. He has an illustrious career working in Senegal, working with the Olympics, coaching at Harvard and being a Principal in East Orange, NJ.

Watch the video to learn more, but read below about what he eats to stay fit as a fiddle and able to continue his sprinting:

Dr. Speed doesn’t EVER eat sugar or desserts except for fruit!

He rarely eats red meat and when he does, he eats a very small portion.

He likes to eat turkey, eats a lot of salmon and a lot of beans.

For snacks he eats nuts, usually pistachios.

For breakfast, he often has a couple of boiled eggs and toast.

For lunch he eats a lot of salads, often with salmon.

Sounds to me like Dr. Speed has got it going on in the kitchen but he credits his wife for cooking tasty foods for him.

I’m following suit!

Thanks, Dr. Speed!


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