Healthy School Lunch #7 and Otis’ Vegetarian Buffet!

Hi everyone!

For today’s healthy school lunch suggestion, we have Jen and Chris’ lunch for their son, Otis:

We have Deli Slice Roll-up, Cucumbers and Peppers, Salt & Pepper Potato Chips, Chocolate Coconut Lara Bar, Sliced Plum and a few Chocolate Chips.

It’s good to give him many different things in small quantity because if he’s not into something he’s not going to choke it down. Its also good to give him stuff that he can just pick up and eat with his hands because he often says he doesn’t have time to eat what I pack him. I try to make it as easy on him as I can.

Take-a-ways from this suggestion is that every kid is different and may not respond to the same preparation, presentation and quantity.

Thanks Chris and Jen!

What are your tips for a healthy school lunch? Please send them to me at!


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