Healthy School Lunch #5 and It’s Gluten Free!

Hi everyone!

Before I begin, I want to wish Shaun Cassidy a VERY happy birthday. He was the love of my childhood and the first concert I ever saw. What a dream boat he was….

Anyway, back to cooking! Today’s post features Allison, a mom of two, whose kids are gluten intolerant. This makes lunch making even more challenging. See how she has overcome her lunch obstacles in a creative and delicious fashion.  She makes use of one of my favorite kitchen items: The rice cooker!

I make sticky rice in a rice steamer the night before to cook and be done in time for wake-up the next morning (thank you ki) I put in a package of Trader Joes seaweed and a travel pack of tamari sauce, two Udi’s gluten free brownie bites and some carrots…

Go, Allison!

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