HEALTHY Odds and Ends Stuffed Peppers!

 Hi everyone! Today I post for you via an anonymous reader. She did indeed impress me with her inspired creation out of necessity. Check out her process and motivation, as well as her stuffed peppers!
Hello Alma!
I thought you would be impressed with me.
1) I have to go food shopping.
2) I couldn’t run out to the market.
3) I am trying to keep us all on a healthy eating pattern.
4) I found some softening mushrooms and bell peppers, 1/2 onion, and remnants of last nights spinach salad in the fridge.
5) I also had 1.5 pound of chopped turkey that was going to expire tomorrow.
Normally I would have made meatballs or meatloaf… but we had both meals within the last 10 days and my kids hate repeat meals.
Drum roll… healthy stuffed peppers!!!  Sauteed the onions, mushrooms, and the spinach that I picked, after washing my hands, out of the salad and browned the meat with the tomato sauce that I took out of my freezer. Yup, I now freeze the tomato sauce we don’t use.  Stuff, bake, cover with a tiny bit of cheese, bake a few more moments.  YUM! I did have leftover rice in the fridge and decided not to use it.
Aren’t you proud?  No recipe, all stuff I found that could have gone bad, totally healthy, and pretty and new.  Now, yes, I have made stuffed peppers before, but from a recipe, with red meat, with loads of rice and insane amounts of cheese.  I have to imagine this version is much healthier.  I have some of the meat mixture left over.  I put it in the freezer to use over pasta once night when I am having a real pasta bolognese craving :-).

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