HEALTHY and EASY Almond Ice Cream and Want to Feed the Hungry? It’s Easy!

Hi everyone! Life is an adventure. You never know where your next incredible recipe will come from or what it will be.

Take Friday for example; As I am driving my car pool charge home, her parents emerge from the house with a green bowl and  a spoon. Since they just got a Vitamix, I thought the bowl was filled with a green shake but it turned out the bowl was just green.

To my delight, they handed me the bowl and said they just made this recipe that they had seen demo’d at our local Whole Foods.

My life and your life will never be the same!

Have you ever received a delicacy in an unexpected place?

Here it is in all it’s simplicity. To your health!!!

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Healthy Almond Ice Cream:

(A Vitamix or powerful blender is best for this recipe)

Fill the bottom of a blender with 1/4″ of agave syrup (about 1/3 cup)

Throw in one big handful of almonds (about one cup)

one tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Fill the rest of the blender with crushed ice leaving about 1/3 of the blender empty on top.

Press start and keep pushing down ice until it is all incorporated and blended.

Serve immediately or store in an air tight container in the freezer. YUM!!!!!





11 Responses

  1. Corey, it is like eating a bunch of almonds-actually, you ARE eating a bunch of almonds! I am so addicted. Now, come over and massage my feet!

  2. Hey Alma, this does sound delicious and healthy. I think the universe is telling me i need a Vitamix – this is the third Vitamix reference in the last two months….hmmmm…

  3. Beth! What are you waiting for???You will LOVE IT! and it will really change your eating habits for the better (not that they may be bad now but we all have room for improvement!).

  4. My brother bought us a Vitamix, as soon as we’re moved in I’ll be trying it out! I’d love to register to cook dinner but I’ve never made dinner for 30. Any suggestions for a meal that will feed that many? I’m thinking a rice dish or mack and cheese, with baked chicken and salad. I’ll seriously consider it.

  5. Perla, you are amazing! You can get a friend to cook with you for MESH or just make a really big Mac n cheese or a really big quinoa salad or lentil salad that you can find on my blog. They only require an entree and dessert so no sides or salads necessary!

  6. Sounds much easier that way! I love big salads anyway. I can’t imagine making a dessert for 30, so I’ll make the salad and buy dessert.


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