Green Shakes and For Corn’s Sake-Give Them a Try!!!


Hi everyone! Before I begin, can we give Brian a big round of applause for his lovely Mother’s Day post? He really appreciated all the comments and I appreciate him. Also, please attend our free raw food workshop tonight 7-8:30PM, Thursday, in Montclair. Email me for more deets at

Now, how much do I love serving my green shakes to unsuspecting, suspicious strangers who become instant converts? A lot! I served them at a fundraising event run by the Newark Junior league on Thursday and met these two attractive pregnant ladies who have their own clothing company (GORGEOUS stuff, by the way-checkout their site: am sooo getting the Green, sleeveless Lily dress) and they went NUTS over the shakes.

As you will see in the video above, they can’t stand eating vegetables during their gestation period but LOVED the green shakes. They asked many questions about the shake, what was in them, how they are prepared, etc. and swore that the shakes would become a staple in their diets. They kept coming back for more-all night!

My joy at these kinds of tasting events (I also show the Montclair Pre-K event I worked this weekend as well in the video above)reminds me of a social psych class I took in college. I remember learning that there were all these studies demonstrating that we humans are much more inclined to like someone more or be invested in them more if we knew they didn’t like us originally but got them to like us. Similarly with my green shakes, when I create a green shake drinking convert, it feeds my drive to have green shakes take over the world!!!!!!

Please allow yourself to be refueled by the, perhaps, sporadic compliments that you receive from your friends and family about your cooking. Focus on the positives even if they usually dis you and let it keep you going. You rock!

Here’s my latest green shake recipe:

Fresh spinach
mixed frozen fruit (I bought a huge bag of frozen fruit from Costco comprised of peaches, strawberries, honeydew melon and pineapple)
banana optional

In a blender, fill the pitcher 3/4 full with packed spinach-not really packed but a little
fill the last 1/4 with the frozen food
Add 4 cups water and blend until fully smooth. Add a banana or a little O.J. if you need a bit more sweetness.
Blend until smooth.


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  1. Okay the color scares me but I promise to give this a try. I tried to make the scones but my children foraged the dried pineapple and coconut before I could get to the cooking. Sheesh.

    Curious what you like to buy at Costco; that is my store too.

  2. Hi Allison. I get a ton of stuff there-organic salad greens, organic eggs, butter, heavy cream, cheese sticks,healthier chips,organic bread they have now,bananas, hummus in ind. servings for lunches,wild salmon, no antibiotic chicken,all natural taylor ham, organic milk,organic chicken broth, cannedf tomatoes and chick peas and more!

  3. Elaine: And not in love with mine? I knew you would love this blog, Elaine.

    Alma: I am sure you cover this in your consulting sessions with kitchen cooks but it seems to me grocery shopping is the very first step to taking back the kitchen? Yes? I try to have a well-stocked pantry and freezer.

    I do keep baking ingredients in the freezer though because I am lazy about those fancy airtight containers and the flies etc. love flour, oatmeal etc.

  4. Ooo, Allison-you , too, have a blog! Beautiful photos! Yes, the pantry is one of the very first steps but depending on the client, organizing and cleaning up the kitchen may be the first step or even making a meal for the instant gratification may be the first step.

  5. Alma, you totally converted me with the green shakes. The first time you wrote about them I thought you were a little, um, crazy. They I tried them, and changed my mind.

    I have yet to try Gwyneth's kale juice, but have the necessary ingredient in the fridge.

    I think you need to send some of these green shake videos to jamie oliver. Wear the green lily dress and you'll coordinate beautifully.

  6. ooo, CV! I am so glad you like the green shakes! If I send the videos to Jamie Oliver, do you think I would get to meet him and his cute self? I'll consider it!

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