Fruit and Veggie Smoothies and Getting The Veggies Over With For the Day!

Hi everyone. Before I begin, please note the change I made in the Chinese Brocolli from a few posts ago-I added 2 TBS brown sugar which i had forgotten to put in the recipe. This makes a HUGE difference. Sorry about that.

Anyway,I have been taking it easy today because I had a wild day of cruising the International Fancy Food Show in Manhattan yesterday, one of the highlights of my year. I have been attending the show with my friend Julie for the last 10 years or so and it is always a great day where we sample all the old and new food products across the country. This year there was an entire organic section which made me feel a little guilty for chowing down the Italian cheeses, dips, sauces, chocolates and other not-so-healthy items.

After 5 hours of non-stop walking and eating, I was so spent that I decided to detox today by starting my day with a Green Smoothie. Eating a blended shake of vegetables may sound thoroughly nauseating, BUT…if you add some fruit, you don’t even taste the vegetables, you get the most vitamins and minerals because the veggies are raw and you can get all your veggies and fruits out of the way for the day by drinking a shake throughout the day. My friend Allison turned me onto this and I’m thrilled because I have a dirty little secret; I hate most vegetables and find it a chore to eat them. I love being “done” with all of them by midday. These are great for kids too, since they cannot detect the veggie taste. My friend Abby puts a lot of blueberries in hers so it is not green, but blue. Kids are usually turned off to green.

Try it and see if you or your kids like it and let us know!

Green Smoothie:

5 large leaves of kale
1-2 cups blueberries
1 banana
2 cups water

Blend in a food processor or serious blender until smooth. To make it extra creamy or frothy, use frozen blueberries and bananas and add yoghurt or even ice cream if need be to get it down.


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  1. Kale? In a smoothie? Really?
    Alma, this is the craziest recipe for breakfast that I have ever seen. But, since I can’t eat eggs, always need more veggies, and happen to have some kale in my fridge, I will try it tomorrow and report back. I just have to get some bananas first……

  2. I love Green Smoothies!!! YUM! And they are soooo excellent for your health….helping with weight loss, high energy, fighting diseases with all of the phytochemicals in them…YUM!

    Your recipe sounds fabulous!

  3. We love green smoothies! We discovered them on vacation in Vancouver and my husband Vik has been making them for our family for 2 years now! Our 1 year old can’t get enough, but our 4 year old is a bit more of a challenge-:) Some fruits we like are mangos, pears, bananas. Greens- chard, romaine, kale, and spinach.

    We think it’s a great way to get your greens regularly and in sufficient quantity so bring on those leafy greens and Go Alma!!

    Allison and Vik

  4. Okay Alma, you’ve convinced me about the smoothies. I did make one with kale (lots of it) and strawberries. It looked rather awful, being dark green (not the conventional color of a drink), but it tasted just fine! I was surprised by how neutral the kale was– other than for the green bits, it wasn’t detectable in a bad way…so I’ll make that again! On to rhubarb now…?

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