Farro with Mushrooms, Scallions and Garlic and Accommodating for Inclusion-for EVERYONE!

Hi everyone!  With the end of the year here, it’s time to show my appreciation to all of my sons’ therapists, teachers, social worker and case manager  at school.

Dang! There are 10 in all!!!

What better way to show them how meaningful their work is than to invite them over for a lunch feast!  I gave of myself through my cooking and, dare I say, it went over quite well!

They helped my son remain included so I “accommodated” them by providing dishes that allowed them to eat together with their individual dietary needs: lactose intolerance, gluten free, soy free and the carb Specific Diet!

They all ate around ONE table, enjoying each other, learning from one another and it was done with a little extra effort but worth it-just as the experience of inclusion takes a bit more work but is vital for our kids in a school setting and a life setting. If a school wants inclusion, they will make it happen, just like I made my lunch feast happen.

Let’s keep working for inclusion in all aspects of life!

Enjoy the recipe!

What end of year gift are you providing for your teachers/therapists?

Farro With Mushrooms, Scallions and Garlic:

4 cups COOKED farro (cooks like rice)

1 cup scallions, chopped

3 1/2 cups chopped white mushrooms

2 TBS butter

1 TBS olive oil

2 large cloves garlic, crushed through a garlic press or FINELY minced

1 tsp salt or more if needed

ground pepper


Heat up a heavy bottomed sauce pan or pot over low to medium heat

Add the butter and when it melts, add the scallions and stir for a few minutes

When the scallions start to get wilty, add the mushrooms and garlic and stir for about 5-10 minutes, until the mushrooms are wilted

It will start to get a bit dry and when it does,  add in the olive oil and stir

Add in the cooked farro , stir until fully combined and add in the salt and stir

Add in freshly ground pepper and more salt to taste and serve






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  1. As a special ed teacher, I feel a bit jealous. As a special-ed parent, I feel humbled. I never would have considered doing this and it is such a very lovely gesture.

    Good for you!

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