Exceptional Coconut Macaroons and Theo’s Lunchbox

Hi everyone. For those of us who truly feel that we cannot bake, this is the perfect recipe. It honestly takes no more than 1 minute to prepare (if all your ingredients are on the counter) and only 10 minutes to bake. You will be quite surprised at the
delectable results with so little effort. This is the 3rd recipe in the Marianne trilogy and I dedicate it to Theo in park Slope, who wanted to bring it to school in his lunch box-the greatest compliment of all. Enjoy!
P.S. Someone posted this question that I read on my laptop AS I WAS REFRIGERATING THE BATTER! :

“Is it possible to make the batter for the cheddar cookies, refrigerate it and then bake them the next day? ”

The answer is yes, but I would add the rice crispies in right before baking.

Exceptional Coconut Macaroons Cookies:

Must Use Parchment Paper!
Preheat oven 350-375 degrees

1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 big bag of Coconut
1 tsp Almond Extract
6 ounces mini Chocolate Chips-I used regular sized chips

Mix milk with coconut until coconut is moist but not too moist . It helps to not put all the milk in at first because if it is too moist with the whole can of milk and you have no more coconut to add, they’ll be too drippy. You want to be able to form balls on the cookie sheet.
Bake until they start to brown– 10 -14 minutes or so, until the coconut starts to turn toasty brown. Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. Yum!


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