E’s Vegetarian Or Turkey Chili and Helping Kids of Addicts

Hi everyone. Yes, this is a blog post about delicious chili but also about my niece’s brutally honest and incredibly courageous new blog, Life Of an Addicts Daughter http://www.lifeofanaddictsdaughter.blogspot.com

As many of you know, my niece Bailie lived with us for 3 years, when she was nearly 16, when her mother was addicted to heroin. Bailie is now 22 years old, in college, is thriving, and has decided to write a blog about her experiences in order to heal herself and help others who have been affected by a loved one’s struggle with addiction. Check out her blog and please feel free to comment and/or pass it on to teens and adults who may be able to relate and benefit from it. We are very proud of her and so are the MANY people who have made comments! Feel free to write in to her.

We have talked here about Bailie and her healthy eating habits which we all know is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of ourselves physically is important to our mental well being . Even though Bailie is busy with college, works and socializes, she knows it is important to make the time to cook at home for herself and her friends. Don’t forget those green shakes we packaged up for her on our recent visit!

Anyhoo, this chili recipe from my friend Elizabeth is the perfect, easy , healthy and cheap dish, perfect for a college student or a high society suburban lady who lunches like myself. Thanks, E! Enjoy!

Elizabeth’s Delicious Chili!:

Sautee an onion in a few tablespoons of olive oil (not sure what kind of pot you call that le creuset thing-(E, it’s called a Dutch Oven!) until soft and becoming translucent. can add a bit of garlic too if you like it. and one chopped celery stalk and/or carrot if you are making a veggie chili.
add approx a teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper (more if you like it spicy) , 3 teaspoons of cumin, two teaspoons each: salt, pepper, paprika, tumeric, oregano and sautee a few minutes
stir in chopped tempeh or tofu or 1 lb package ground turkey and sautee in seasonings until turkey is brown or until the tempeh or tofu are absorbing the spices.
add 14 oz.can or two of drained kidney beans. stir.
add 14 oz. can or two of diced tomatoes, rinse can with water and add water to pot.
add corn if you like.
cook for at least an hour. taste and add seasonings as needed. if you are going to let cook a long time just add a bit of water now and then.
Serve with grated cheddar. Yum!
P.S. E’s husband is the awesome photographer who does my headshots. He also does weddings, kids, etc. Check out his site at http://www.ronholtzphotography.com


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