Egg-celent Egg Sandwich and When Will Camp Start??

Hi everyone. School is out and the days are loooooooooong with my kids. I have decided to start a vacation routine until they start camp in 2 weeks so I don’t lose my mind. One of my plans to start the day is to have my daughter help make breakfast everyday or to go out to breakfast with them.

My oldest daughter, almost 8, is very into making eggs and flipping pancakes. I have never asked her to do this but I guess she has watched me so many times that she has taken an interest in it. She is actually pretty good and it is making me wonder when she will be able to make my husband’s father-fantasy come true: To have his kid make him a sandwich while he watches T.V.

I must admit, it feeds my narcissism to watch my daughter take an interest in cooking. I am imparting a really important skill, even if it is through modeling and she will one day be an independent, self nourishing, smart , loving, funny, nurturing, confident, beautiful, healthy girl (O.K., maybe not all of that from flipping a fried egg, but I’m trying to make a blog point!).

Here’s a dish that she may learn this summer that she can prepare for me when I’m old and grey (er):

Egg-celent Egg Sandwich:

1 Multigrain Thomas’ English Muffin
1 large egg
1 slice cheddar cheese
1 slice Turkey bacon
salt and pepper

Toast English muffin and set aside. Cook bacon until crisp and set aside.
Fry up an egg in a non-stick pan and when it is cooked to your liking,add a slice of cheddar cheese and cover until cheese is melted. Salt and pepper to taste. Put egg with cheese on one 1/2 of English Muffin , top with bacon cut in half and then top with other 1/2 of muffin. Who needs McDonald’s?


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