Cooking to Avoid Depression? Maybe!

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We are at a time in history where some people are thrilled and some are devastated. I thought it only fitting that we discuss depression and cooking with my guest blogger, Rocky Detwiler, who saved himself from homelessness and depression by taking care of himself through healthy living.

Depression is a killer when you want to eat healthy and get fit. When you are feeling down about anything in your life, especially about your physical shape, it is a challenge to focus on your health. However, this is when what you eat and whether or not you exercise affects you the most! You must force yourself into the kitchen to cook healthy meals when you are depressed and this will bring you out of your slump.The kitchen can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to your physical and mental health. It is where the battle of fit and healthy is won or lost. It all begins with your decision to eat healthy.

This battle is won or lost in your mind. Your conscious decision to eat healthy begins with you cooking healthy meals in your kitchen. You must take action by making your plan and sticking to it.

The kitchen is the place where the magic of eating healthy happens. You can overcome depression by applying the simple step of planning your meals ahead of time. Take the guesswork out of what, how much, and when you are going to eat by planning ahead. Take time each week to cook healthy meals and package them into containers for your lunches.

Eating healthy meals at regular intervals throughout the day takes away the possibility of succumbing to cravings and grabbing fast food that will ultimately make you feel worse mentally and physically. Every time you cook and eat a healthy meal, you are winning the victory over the enemy of depression so take it one meal at a time. Over time, you will begin feeling more confident about your healthy food choices, while preparing and cooking meals.

Battling depression begins with proper nutrition and physical exercise, but by forcing yourself into the kitchen, you begin the process and change your thoughts from negative to positive as well. Each time this happens, you build strength in why you are eating right and taking care of yourself.

I had to reclaim my healthy & fitness while battling severe depression after losing everything in an illegal Ponzi scheme that was orchestrated by a close friend of mine. I forced myself into the kitchen and followed a strict plan of healthy eating. This along with daily exercise led me to losing 57 pounds and becoming a champion bodybuilder.


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