Cooking and Race Car Driving with Fast Girl!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for participating in our Healthy School Lunch Series. I think we all learned a LOT!

Today I have a guest blogger for you, Ingrid Steffensen who is not only a new cook but a race car driver!  I’ll let her tell you about herself and how she is overcoming her cooking challenges….

Hi everyone, my name is Ingrid Steffensen, I’m a Millburn working mom, and I’ve just written a book about my hobby, which is race car driving. Whoa, you might be saying: relevance here? It’s relevant, I promise! In addition to fast cars, I also like slow food, and in fact there’s an entire chapter in my book about how trying one new thing—high-performance driving—fueled a hunger for new experiences both food-wise and in lots of other ways.

Speaking of slow food: before I went out on the race track, I had never tried a snail. Yuck, I always thought. And then, on my husband’s and my anniversary, he invited me to try one of his escargot, and I decided: okay, if I can drive a car at 140mph, then, sure as shootin’, I can eat a snail. So I did. It’s not my favorite new thing, but I did it, and I’m glad.

I’d like to think that I’m a role model for my 14-year-old daughter, both in the kitchen and everywhere else, too. If she sees that I’m willing to try, say, sweetbreads (and, nope, still not a fan of that, either), then if I ask her to try something, she knows I wouldn’t ask her to do something I wouldn’t do myself. We have always tried to live by the “no-thank-you-bite,” an invention of my mother-in-law’s, which maintains that you’re never obligated to eat what’s put in front of you, but you do have to take one bite, and after that, you may say (you guessed it) “no thank you.”

The result is that my 14-year-old actually tried frog’s legs recently—and liked them! It was a proud moment for me as the mom.

Now, can anyone suggest what I can do about the dang lunch issue? She may eat frog’s legs, but she doesn’t like—go figure!—sandwiches.

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