Cookies for a Cause and PLEASE Help us Help Haiti!

Hi everyone! What would you say if I told you that you could make a difference in Haiti by baking? Please go to to find out more details, but the gist is that a few folks from Montclair, spearheaded by our mayor, Jerry Fried, have put together a concert to benefit Haiti and you could help.

The performers are grammy nominees and the food being sold is being made by Take Back the Kitchen AND Parents Who Rock volunteers. Even is getting involved. What a great way to help-making cookies and brownies and cupcakes with our kids so we can make a difference? Just watching TV and shaking our heads at the tragedy won’t help them. Your kind actions will! How awesome are all of you???? Thank you!!!!

Please take a moment to watch my son recite a message about Martin Luther King (he started off his school assembly-I am so proud!) who inspired this concert. We are proud to be putting together this event on such an auspicious day.

Please consider baking for Haiti in your community. Would you like to make baked goods or bring beverages to sell at our event? If so, PLEASE email me at

Thank you in advance for helping Haiti!


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  1. Levi, you rock! I admire your stage presence, keeping your eye contact with the audience, projecting your voice, and ignoring those sneezes! I was riveted. Well done!

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