Confessions of a Perfectionist Cook: Meet Jennie Lynn

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting the author Jennie Lynn. She’s a mom, an author and just happens to have a SICK six pack since she is a body builder. We were discussing how being a perfectionist cook can be limiting and she had her own story to tell about how perfectionism affected her body and her life. Check it out, especially those who identify as perfectionist cooks.
A Perfectionist’s Cooking Experience
By Jennie Lynn
As a child, I was very active and got away with eating like a junk food junkie. I was
spoiled because my mother was a great cook too, and I ate basically whatever she put
on the table. It wasn’t until I went through adolescence and my body started to change
that I really started to become conscious of what I was eating. It was a horrible point in
my life because I battled hormonal issues that made me gain weight, and I was
accustomed to being a fit, athletic girl.
Later in my college years I still ate what was convenient because I felt that cooking was a waste of time,
and I also would eat myfood fast just to get it over with. Because I was very active, I always had a large appetite
which caused a bit of stress because I knew that if I ate more food, it would make me
gain more weight. I became a control freak. It wasn’t until I started competitive
bodybuilding that I started to appreciate cooking because I had to make the most of less
calories. I wanted to make healthy low-calorie food taste as good as possible so I
wouldn’t suffer and forgo all the pleasure of food.
I started to get creative with my meals and use healthy substitutes for guilt free treats.
I also had to learn to cook for myself because I no longer had my mother to cook for me.
When I started to realize how much fun you can have with food and that I work hard to earn it, I fell in love with cooking. I
have perfectionist tendencies, so I tend to take things to the extreme, and I
unfortunately got diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism. I soon found out that
there is a specific diet that is ideal for this condition.
What surprised me the most, was that I realized later on that being a perfectionist about my body and food was putting a
lot of stress on my body, so much that despite appearing to be in the best shape, my
health suffered because of self-criticism. I later made peace with my body and food so
that my health is now thriving. I have found the ultimate balance between healthy and
pleasurable eating, and I encourage you to do the same for yourself – your health
depends on it.

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