Coffee Protein Shake and Using Leftover Coffee!

Hi everyone. before I begin, let me tell you that my little baby is out of the hospital and doing fine. Thanks for your words of support. Unfortunately, Zsa Zsa Gabor also left the hospital this week only to go home with a few days left to live. I really did love her in all those Love Boat episodes. I wish her family well.

Do you hate wasting food? Or expensive leftover coffee? If the fear or concern of wasting leftovers serves as a deterrent to your cooking, try this healthy morning shake that my friend Sheldon told me about at the gym. He uses his leftover coffee to make his shake.

I LOVE leftover coffee recipes, like Lauren’s Depression Coffee Cake: or Ana’s Spanish No-Bake Chocolate Cake:, I hope you like it. Thanks,Sheldon!

Coffee Banana Protein Smoothie:

1 cup black coffee – (room temp – I use the leftovers from my morning pot of coffee in my thermal carafe)
3 very ripe bananas
3/4 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt
optional: 2 scoops vanilla protein powder – not the whey protein –too frothy-can get at most health food stores and Whole Foods
About 2 dozen ice cubes

In blender, add coffee, bananas, yogurt. Blend until smooth.
With blender running, if using, add protein powder. Blend until powder mixed in
Add ice cubes – blend at high speed until smooth.
Makes about 48+ oz.
Variations – add malted powder, substitute chocolate protein powder, add a little bit of cocoa powder.
Notes – adding the powder while the blender is running helps keep powder from clumping


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  1. i use leftover coffee as a "secret" ingredient to my brownies. i add 1 teaspoon (i keep leftover coffee in a tupperware jug in the fridge) to my brownies and they are delicious!

    can't wait to try the shake!

  2. Great idea! Most mornings I get in my car with two travel mugs- one with iced coffee and one with a smoothy. When they are both 1/2 empty I just combine them.

  3. So exciting, Alma! The great thing about this recipe and the others you mention is that people are enjoying the health benefits of coffee—decreased risk of colon cancer, liver cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and depression. Let's march into the school year with mugs FULL of cover. Thanks for a great post!

  4. And don't forget to use the morning's left over coffee to make coffee ice cubes in some trays. That way your iced coffee doesn't get watered down! Now who's an addict?

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