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There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to the health benefits of different items we consume and it can be very frustrating as well as a deterrent to cooking. Why should we bother to invest our time and energy to learn to cook and make homemade meals if even our ingredients are bad for us? Well, here’s some good news! There are few things I like better than to find out that foods that are traditionally thought of as bad for us are really good for us, like coffee and butter.  It turns out that if we simply use certain kinds of coffee and butter, they can actually promote good health. Check out Andrew Salisbury below who has helped me find a delicious cup of coffee and to feel no guilt about it. You can drink a simple cup of coffee or incorporate it into a fancy recipe such as the one below.

Health Buzz: Cooking with Coffee

By Andrew Salisbury

A few years ago, my wife Amber started to experience debilitating low energy, and to try to cope with her reduced energy she started drinking 6-8 cups of coffee a day. I was worried that the coffee could be hurting her health, and made it my quest to find out if coffee is good or bad for her. After speaking with researchers at Vanderbilt University’s Institute of Coffee studies, I was amazed to learn that coffee is actually extremely good for you! 

Over 19,000 studies have shown that coffee reduces the risk of many different cancers, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, liver cirrhosis and many more ailments. The benefits of coffee come from the compounds in coffee (and not in tea!) and also plentiful antioxidants. Coffee’s antioxidant content per serving beats out superfoods such as kale, cranberries, and dark chocolate by a huge margin.

As the Founder of Purity Organic coffee, I’ve sought to make a coffee that is rich in antioxidants by using the best Specialty Grade A beans, a proprietary roasting process, and packaging for freshness. Many coffee companies cut corners and then overcompensate by charring impurities out of the beans, which creates carcinogenic compounds. Many coffee producers also keep beans stored for too long after roasting, allowing the oils to become stale or rancid. If you drink coffee every day, the easiest thing you can do for your longevity is to switch to a healthier coffee. 

Look for:

  • Specialty grade organic coffee that’s tested for mold and mycotoxins
  • A medium roast that maximizes antioxidants
  • Coffee that was roasted within the last 15 days

For the following recipe, I’ve chosen to pair coffee with another unfairly maligned food: butter. After years of being pushed aside in favor of fat-free foods, the nutrition world is slowly beginning to understand that fat doesn’t actually make you fat. In fact, fats from the right sources are good for your brain function and many other body processes. Organic, grass-fed butter can be infused with coffee in a super-simple sous-vide recipe and be used to sauté vegetables, season meats, and enhance bread or other baked goods.

Using the right kind of coffee and butter, the following recipe can be the purest of pleasures.

You’ll need:

250g Purity coffee beans

500g Salted butter

Sous vide bag

Sous vide setup


Step one:

Preheat sous vide cooker to 194° F / 90° C.

Step two:

Pack coffee beans and butter together into a heavy-duty sous vide bag. Either use a vacuum sealer or weight the bag down to avoid floating.

Step three:

Cook for anywhere from 3 to 24 hours at 194° F / 90° C. For 24 hour cooking you will need a sous vide appliance. 

Step four:

Use strainer to strain the coffee beans out of the butter, then discard beans. Store in a plastic bag and refrigerate until ready to use. Great as a spread on steak and pork. 

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