Celebrity Kid Chefs #12 and Parents Who Rock on CBS News Saturday-I PROMISE!

Hi everyone! We are almost at the end of our January Kids Cooking month where the top five winners get to be on channel 34 making their dish! Send in your recipes by Jan. 28th to enter!

Before we present this threesome’s recipe, please note that Parents WhoRock will indeed be on CBS morning news for the 9AM show this Saturday! I know that I sound like the rocker who cried wolf but, hey, there was a snowstorm last week and we had to postpone. Please tune in or wait for the link. Thanks!

Now for a recipe from three health minded gals, one of whom I am proud to say participated in a kids healthy cooking class I taught-she was very adventurous!

Also, thanks to their parents for modeling EXCELLENT cooking behaviors!

Here we go:

The Splat Smoothie,
created by Olivia Williams,
Catherine Chaladoff and Nancy Valvano:

1 mini banana
1 mini apple
1 ice cube
5 frozen strawberries
1 cup of lemonade

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. Drink and Enjoy!


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