Celebrity Kid Chef #9 and The Incredible, Edible…….

Hi everyone! Our January kid recipe contest is going splendidly!! Keep sending in their recipes until January 28th so your child can be in the top 5 and cook their dish on channel 34!

Today, Celebrity Kid Chef #9 will blow us away with her healthy omelette. Meet Leila:

Leila is in 2nd grade and loves to cook, eat, make stuff and ride horses. Her favorite foods are crab legs, ice cream and Hungarian salami. Her current favorite is this omelette, which she can cook all by herself. She likes it with red peppers, spinach and cheddar cheese but you could put any vegetable you like in it.

Leila’s cheese and vegetable omelette

2 eggs
Red peppers to taste
Spinach to taste
Grated cheese to taste

Chop the peppers and spinach(or have an adult chop them). Saute them in a small non-stick frying pan for about 2 minutes. Add the beaten eggs. Stir the egg around a bit in the middle so that it cooks more evenly. Add some grated cheese and put the pan under the broiler for a minute or so or until the egg is completely cooked. Remember to use oven gloves as the pan gets hot under the broiler.


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