Celebrity Kid Chef #7 and the Power of Competition in Cooking with Children

Hi everyone! A competitive spirit is a typical and often innate characteristic in children. Why not use that trait to our advantage when trying to encourage cooking?

Today’s celebrity kid chef who wants to be known as “Purple Cow”, wanted to enter our January kids cooking competition after his sister, “Wafflz”, from yesterday’s post made her family dinner. Purple Cow is a third grader who enjoys pizza, video games and cooking.

Enjoy his special recipe for chocolate chip pancakes that he made ALL BY HIMSELF! and keep sending in your kids’ recipes to compete in our competition to make the recipe on channel 34!

Purple Cow’s Easy Chocolate Chip Pancakes:

1 cup white whole wheat flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
one TBS brown sugar
1/3 cup chocolate chips

2 TBS olive oil
one egg
3/4 cup whole milk

butter or olive oil for frying

Mix all dry ingredients together.
Then mix wet ingredients in a separate bowl.
Then mix dry and wet together.
Heta up a frying pan and add a little butter, coconut oil or olive oil.
Fry up the pancakes.


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