Celebrity Kid Chef #6 and This Kid Actually Cooked Dinner For the Entire Family

Hi everyone. Welcome to our January Kids’ Cooking Contest, where your child contributes a recipe by January 28th and competes to become one of the top five winners. The winners get to make their recipe on Channel 34 or at least gets a shout out or video viewed on channel 34.

Today, we have a lovely young lady who goes by the name of “Wafflz”. She is a sixth grader who enjoys drawing, fashion design and cooking with her mom who is a food blogger :-).

Tonight, she made an entire dinner for her family by HERSELF, and even set the table! The dinner included deviled eggs, a berry smoothie, mashed potatoes, a flourless chocolate cake and an herb roasted chicken. Here is her recipe for herb roasted chicken:

Herb Roasted Chicken:

3 1/2 lb whole chicken
about one TBS olive oil
one TBS dried, crumbled sage
one tsp dried thyme
one tsp dried rosemary
one tsp dried tarragon
one tsp salt

preheat oven to 375 degrees
Lay the washed and dried chicken on a cutting board (dry with paper towels).
Pour the olive oil all over the chicken and rub it into the skin all over
sprinkle the whole chicken with the salt
Mix all the spices together in a bowl and then sprinkle the whole chicken with the spices and put some inside the chicken’s “tuchus” (that’s what we call it’s inner cavity)

Put the chicken on a rack over a baking sheet, breast side down, for about an hour and 20 minutes (or 1 and 1/2 hour) or until an adult sticks a knife in the fattest part of the thigh and the juices run clear.

Let the chicken sit for a few minutes before serving. Yum!

P.S. My friend Jen just turned me on to this great kid’s cooking site. Check it out: http://weecookery.blogspot.com/


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  1. What an impressive 6th grader. Her parents must be very proud, and also happy that they can now count on somebody else to prepare dinner. 🙂

    Great blog recommendation too. I already passed it on.

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