Celebrity Kid Chef #5 and Keep Those Kid Recipes Coming!

Hi everyone. Welcome to January Kids’ Cooking month on Take Back the Kitchen. Remember, there will be a poll at the end of January to decide which 5 contestants will make their recipe on Channel 34. Keep sending them in to alma@takebackthekitchen.com!

These recipes are getting so interesting. Check out this dinner option from a local 6 year old (note-he is not making ravioli as shown in the photo!)…

Alma- I’d like to submit my son, Nicholas’s (6YO) recipe that he made up in the back of the car one day.

Fun facts:
Nicholas is from Montclair
1st Grader @ Edgemont School

He loves eating out at restaurants, enjoys clams casino, mussels marinara, broiled scallops, Caesar salad and juicy, delicious burgers.
He typically refuses the kids menu.

The way he described his recipe was as follows:

“It’s chicken with white wine and rosemary, and you cook it with fresh tomato juice, garlic and cinnamon.”

I said it sounded pretty good and asked what he called it. He said “Chicken Sabate” (that’s suh BAH tay).

We got home and talked about it some more and then set out to make it. The recipe that follows is what we wound up codifying from experience and his initial description.

Chicken Sabate
by Nicholas

1pkg chicken breasts, pounded thin
~ 1/2 cup white wine (for marinating) + more to deglaze the pan
1tbsp rosemary
salt & black pepper
olive oil
2 garlic cloves, smashed
1 cinnamon stick
1 pt cherry or grape tomoatoes, halved
chicken stock (enough to add some volume to the sauce)

1. Marinate the chicken in wine & rosemary for a little while (too long will begin to denature and “cook” the chicken, so pull it before it cooks!)
2. Remove chicken from marinade, lightly pat dry, and season with salt & pepper
3. Sautee chicken in olive oil over medium heat until done, remove from pan and tent to keep warm
4. Add white wine to deglaze pan
5. Crush tomatoes in your hand over the pan to allow juice to drip into pan; add tomatoes to pan
6. Add garlic, cinnamon stick, and chicken stock to pan and reduce to a silky sauce.
7. Add chicken back to pan, toss, and serve


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