Celebrity Chef #14 and Healthy Cooking Modeling Pays Off!

Hi everyone! Please don’t forget to watch us, Parents Who Rock, on CBS news tomorrow morning, Sat., for the 9AM hour! I’ll be preparing my make up tonight, thanks to my friend Christine who hooked me up!:-). Now for the recipes…..

All recipe submissions MUST be in by tomorrow to enter the Kids’ Cooking contest! We will explain how to vote early next week! here’s today’s chef…..

Hi I’m Max. I am also Alma’s son’s best friend and I spend a lot of time watching Alma cook. She teaches me healthy habits (more than my mom) but my mom teaches me that cooking can be creative. So my special special salad I got from both of them. The healthy vegetables keep me fit and my curly cucumbers make it look great! Really try the spinach in the recipe – spinach is my favorite vegetable and all kids should try it. Its yummy and we all know from Take Back the Kitchen how important greens are in our diet.

His favorite thing to do is make salads and his special salad is what he calls “cucumber collage”.

Cucumber Collage Salad:

Cucumber Shavings
Ranch Dressing
Balsamic Dressing

Chop all ingredients, but reserve half of the cucumber. Mix well add ranch dressing and mix again. Use spray Balsamic Dressing and lightly refresh salad. Use the peeler and shave cucumber to make long shavings. Place on top of salad. Max says ” I like to add fresh spinach too but I didn’t have any tonight.


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