Rosemary Coconut Quinoa with Tofu

Hello all! I forgot to plant herbs this year so I was extra excited when my friend Tim once again gave me his overload of garden delights. I’m talking chives, rosemary, basil, thyme, sage and even some tomatoes! I brought a large stash with me on vacation and incorporated some of them into a dish […]

Bingeing On Healthy Food

Some of us, sometimes, binge. I know I do. I recently met a cookbook author who was hell bent on sharing the info that if we just make a slight mental shift, we can binge but not necessarily set ourselves into a tailspin of eating garbage for the rest of the day, night, week or […]

Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Wings

Hello everyone, I know I am often viewed as the mother earth in the kitchen with my kids, teaching them to cook and bake on their own as I watch them with joy in my heart and a smile on my face as they learn to be independent in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled. I […]

Healthy Date Nut Scones

Hi everyone! Below is a great recipe for those of you who want a carb-y yet healthy snack. I make a big batch of these, cool them and then freeze them. I then take one or two, put them in the toaster oven and spread some butter on them. Yes, it is indeed delicious. Don’t […]

Whitney Houston’s Daughter?? and Fruit and Nut Bars

Hi everyone. I am pretty saddened by the passing of Whitney Houston. My friend Lincoln Bilancia gave me her first tape in high School , pictured above, and it was a big part of my life, as it was for many of us, in the mid eighties. As I watched the Whitney Houston funeral on […]

Cashew Kale Chips and Can’t I Just Use The Old Photo????

Warning: The blog post you are about to read has vain and superficial content: Hello everyone and especially that special New Yorker: Dear twenty-something-year-old-man of possibly Arab or Hispanic descent, Thank you so much for leaning toward me today on W. 38th street, looking into my eyes and saying, “Niiiiiiiice….” It really made my day. […]

Dates with Goat Cheese (and Bacon?) and Just Say “NO” to Seltzer

Hi everyone. How could I have not posted this recipe on my blog yet? My friend Meg turned me on to this one many years ago, although she added bacon and wrapped it around it. As I don’t eat red meat, I make it with turkey bacon, tofu bacon or no bacon as all, as […]

Cheese and Chive Biscuits That Don’t Cost Hundreds of Dollars!

Hi everyone! I LOVE the cheddar and chive biscuits at BLT Fish restaurant in Chelsea but how could I ever find out how to make them? Well, they gave me the recipe when they served the biscuits on a cute little card! Gimmicky but fabulous!Now I can share them with you and we can all […]