Pineapple coconut drink and My Latest AOL Video!!

Hi everyone! First off, please check out my latest video for teaching us a thing or two about drinking in the morning, Portuguese stew and Peaches and Herb…., here is a fantastically healthy and delicious drink I got from my favorite Whole Foods manager, Matt Hare. He served it at my school’s science fair […]

Mango Spinach Banana Shake and The Cops are After Me! (Actually, Before Me)

Hi everyone! Imagine my surprise today when I entered the Municipal Building in Montclair, Vitamix in hand, ready to be on a Chanel 34 Broadcast for Seniors, when I see a room full of police officers and their families in the screening room. It was a swearing in of three new officers. I sat down […]

Coffee Protein Shake and Using Leftover Coffee!

Hi everyone. before I begin, let me tell you that my little baby is out of the hospital and doing fine. Thanks for your words of support. Unfortunately, Zsa Zsa Gabor also left the hospital this week only to go home with a few days left to live. I really did love her in all […]

Mango Spinach Smoothie and Overcome Your Vegetable Gardening With Sarah Vogel!!

[youtube=] Hi everyone! I spent the afternoon with my friend and landscape designer, Sara Vogel After being VERY patient with my VERY basic questions about the seeds we were planting and how to space the carrots in the pot, we decided that she would come back on Saturday to help so the kids could […]

Green Shakes and For Corn’s Sake-Give Them a Try!!!

[youtube=] Hi everyone! Before I begin, can we give Brian a big round of applause for his lovely Mother’s Day post? He really appreciated all the comments and I appreciate him. Also, please attend our free raw food workshop tonight 7-8:30PM, Thursday, in Montclair. Email me for more deets at Now, how much do […]

Chai Milk and Dessert Drink and I’m Honored to be Honored! Hi everyone. I am nervous. I am being honored by the Red Cross this Saturday night and although I am so excited to be honored by this wonderful organization and it will be a lot of fun, I am pretty anxious. All those people watching and the focus on me. Reminds me of what […]

Beet Green, kale and Blueberry Shake and Prioritizing for Health…

Hi everyone. I am still reeling from the Michael Pollan article in the NY Times this past weekend. If you have not read it, PLEASE do. In a nutshell, he discusses how we seem to love watching the food Network but that so few people are actually cooking from home. We seem to have a […]

REAL Lemonade and The Animal Power of a Lemonade Stand

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. I’m going to cut to the chase tonight because I walked into my wall and my head hurts: How hard is it to make real, authentic lemonade? If we are going to help our kids do a cute little lemonade stand […]