Cake Boss is at Michael’s Stores! Whoo-hoooo! Win his Cookie Sheet!

Hi everyone! Even though I am a New Yorker who is not supposed to be star struck, I did get a huge kick out of going to Hoboken with my kids to see the Cake Boss’ bakery. I like his no nonsense style.

How random that I just got word that the Cake Boss will now have his baking items in Michael’s Craft stores and I have been sent a cookie sheet  (with indented cookie circles for making perfectly round cookies!!) to give to one lucky winner as a giveaway on  my blog!

Here’s how to win:  Write in the comments section of my blog your BEST cookie recipe or cookie related story and we will choose who wins the cookie sheet that will be sent to you. I will then write up your recipe as a blog post and make you cookie-famous.

It’s that easy!

To find out more about what products the Cake Boss will offer, their web site is

Twitter: @CakeBossBaking

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  1. When our boys were young, I was trying hard one day to be very “domestic.” So I decided to make chocolate chip cookies, no small feat when children are tiny and I was working fulltime and exhausted.

    The cookies would have been great….EXCEPT….I had inadvertently used GARLIC PAM to grease the cookie sheets. BLECH!

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