Brian’s Mother’s Day Post…

So it’s become something of a tradition for me (Alma’s husband) to take over this blog once a year, on Mother’s Day. Like a good wedding toast, I judge how well I’ve done by who I’ve made laugh and cry, and the feedback afterwards, so keep the comments coming.

Alma recently published something for on What Mom’s actually want for Mother’s Day ( ). I can’t pretend to understand fully the complex machinations and tension she described between what feels good and the guilt over feeling good, but my takeaway was that although time away from the kids (massage, lunch with some girlfriends) was a welcome respite, it also feels somehow unmotherly.

As a loving husband, and uncomplicated male, I just want to know how I can help make this a great day for her. I set a high bar on her first Mother’s Day, and the next 10 have featured a spotty record of gift certificates, flowers and misunderstandings. Honestly, this year I actually asked for a list of how the ideal day would go, and tried to do my part to deliver on that.

6:30 AM — Off to a bad start. Alma awakens to a butt-wiping request (from our youngest, not me), to which she dutifully responds.

8:15 AM — Alma re-awakens to a cup of freshly brewed espresso, and she is off to a boot camp workout.

10:30 — She returns home to her mostly-healthily-fed family, and marigolds planted in the pre-designated pots in front of our home.

12PM – Off to Burger Deluxe ( — amazing place in Wayne by the same guys who own Oceana and Molyvos in NYC. Seriously.

Alma should be worshipped for the undying effort she puts in to champion healthy meals in our home, in our kids’ schools, and in our community. But it should also be noted that she is not a zealot — to celebrate her own mother’s mantra, “everything in moderation,” she allowed our kids the forbidden hot dog, a root beer, and a variety of other unmentionables. That being said she had the tilapia and a salad.

3PM – We’re done with a trip to the Willowbrook Mall for an ipod replacement and skinny jeans sale, and have arrived at Costco; Alma is back in mothering mode, procuring the staples for this week’s meals.

All in all, we had a great family day, and she got some alone time as well. The kids were for the most part respectful, loving and well-behaved, which really made her Mother’s Day wish come true. That being said its only 7PM as I write this, and I’m o the way out the door. In the background I hear some commotion about a crayon having made its way into the laundry. I hear crying. Not good. But only 364 days until Mother’s Day 2012.

Burger Deluxe Tilapia and Truffle Mushroom Risotto:
-combine entire family into one mini van
– Take Bloomfield Avenue West.
– Right on Route 23 North
– Cross Route 46, and continue on 23.
– Pull in, enjoy, be on your way.


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  1. Although it's a tradition now, it's always a complete surprise and a wonderful treat to receive your mother's day blog entry Brian.

  2. Brian–as always, you have a flare for the spoken and written word. Really loved reading this.
    Tara Schwartz

  3. Dear Brian – Seeing all of those smiling faces brought happy tears to my eyes and reading your blog entry made me smile, plus the "recipe" to get to the restaurant made me laugh. Happy Mother's Day! -Love, Pamela

  4. Oh, Brian, what happened to the days of playing softball and leaving your kids with mom on Mother's Day? You've sold out, big time. 😉 (All kidding aside, nicely done. Q)

  5. Brian you and Alma are such special people. Her piece for CBS was wonderful and you did very well again this year. Keep loving those kids and each other

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