Brian’s Mother’s Day Post 2015

Written by Brian, the husband. As you may note, Mother’s Day did not pan out as it should have this year…

Yesterday, during a two-hour-plus ride to Brooklyn for our traditional Mothers Day with Alma’s sisters, I asked the kids to list the things that Alma does for our family.  Three hundred sixty four days a year we let this go by without comment, but I thought it might be nice for Alma to hear out loud that our kids can name (if not truly express gratitude) at least some of the things that she does every day for us.  They quickly ticked off the expected: cook, clean (at least a little), laundry, ( not counting folding or putting my shirts away, but that’s a whole blog in itself), driving, shopping, etc.  Lincoln, feeling the pressure to contribute to the list simply added, “lovely.”  What I did not expect to hear, but was so glad to hear, was something that my oldest daughter noted: “Mom does lots of things for our community, which reflects on all of us”.

Whether it is through Parents Who Rock and the causes it has supported over the years, getting the kids involved in the MESH program to feed the hungry, or most recently by captaining over 140 people in improving their health through the Whole Life Challenge, Alma’s leadership in initiatives to help others has not only reflected positively on the family, as my daughter pointed out, but more importantly created a culture in our house where service is a value that is understood and seen as a model for living.  While I am sometimes the first to whine when she adds another outside activity that takes her away from the blocking and tackling at home (I still have unfolded shirts), when I see our kids taking note, and take a moment to reflect, I know this is one of the greatest gifts Alma is giving every day to her children.

Alma, you really deserve more recognition than you get at home for the most important things you do, and a break from the every day (important but mostly unrewarding, I know).  So go to Spain with a clear conscience and detach completely for a week, and I will send out my shirts.


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  1. I love that you do the Mother’s Day post every year! I’m sorry the day didn’t turn out as planned but, I love what the kids said about Alma. All true!! Maybe a do-over next week?? 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. I will make sure she forgets all about everything except the tapas and the tinto! Spain here we come!

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