Brian’s Mother’s Day Post

Alma and I are hiding in the bathroom as I write this, as one of our kids (let’s call him Washington) is having a full blown tantrum.

Aside from this, apparently, I finally got Mothers Day right.  Having taken some time to prepare, make reservations at a Klezmer brunch in the city, and pray (successfully) to the traffic gods so that we could make it from an early soccer game here to Soho in less than 45 minutes, we did it.

To bring her mom into her Mother’ s Day, Alma read us all an amazing post she wrote for Baristanet about her own mother, My Mother’s Plates in the car there.

After brunch, a nice walk on the high line, and back to the city with plenty of time to get Alma to her 12th Film Festival movie of the week.  A brief scare and delay at the Whole Foods deli counter over some too tightly wrapped salami, but all ended well.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.



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