Bona Chia Spinach Linguine with Bread Crumbs and Pistachios

Hi everyone! I LOVE the new Bona Chia Spinach Linguine by Al Dente Pasta and it is GREEN! Too bad we just missed  St. Paddy’s Day!

It is such a fresh tasting pasta but is vegan (has no eggs) and has the all powerful chia seeds in it.

As we all know, making separate meals for others can be a deterrent to cooking .The beauty of this pasta is that I don’t have to fret making two meals if I have a friend over who is vegan-I just add cheese to mine and leave their’s without.

Here is how I built my pasta dish:

Spinach Linguine with Breadcrumbs and Pistachios:

A tongs full of cooked Bona Chia pasta
a drizzle of walnut, truffle or olive oil
A sprinkle of seasoned bread crumbs
a TBS or two of pistachio nuts
Grated mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top
salt and pepper to taste


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