Baked Brie and Taking it all Back…

Hi everyone. I am happy to say that I not only Took Back the Kitchen today, but I took back the Doctor’s visit. Huh? Well, do you know how when you go to the GYN and the assistant comes in, asks you to get undressed and you sit there, naked and cold, awaiting the horrible exam, for up to an hour in a chafing, paper gown? I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel helpless, vulnerable and annoyed, sentiments of many non-confident cooks out there. O.K., stay with me here, it’s not THAT much of a stretch.

I took back the visit, my integrity and my clothes! After the assistant left, I did NOT take my clothes off. Yes, that’s right. I did what I knew was right for me and I kept my clothes on. I took them off once the Dr. came in and it took all of about 5 seconds. It felt great not having been sitting there uncomfortably both mentally and physically like that when there was no need, just because someone told me to.

I tell you this story to demonstrate how we do not have to do what everyone else does or what everyone (the food industry) makes us believe we should do. We know how best to take care of ourselves so whether it be by keeping our clothes on until the last possible second at the Dr.’s office, or making our own healthy and delicious dinner and not buying prepared food or take out, let’s think about the choices we make and why we make them. We are our own guides but sometimes we all forget that we usually know what’s best and have the strength and means to get where we want to go.

That being said, here’s a totally unhealthy but delicious treat that you can whip up at a moment’s notice if company pops in unexpectedly or for an appetizer for every holiday, like I do. This “recipe” is all about confidence because you add as much as you like of each ingredient. It forces you to practice trusting your judgment in the kitchen.

Anyone who knows me has probably had this crowd pleaser many a time. My husband’s cousin Rhonda created it and it is truly what has made her a Celebrity Home Chef in my book. Her name is known throughout the East as the creator of this famous baked brie.

I have always given her credit, but always want to claim it as my own, it is that fantastic.

Cousin Rhonda’s Baked Brie:

a wheel of brie, about 6 inches in diameter.
apricot jam
brown sugar
Toasted pecans

Slice the brie in half so that the brie is like a sandwich begging for a delicious filling
In a bowl, mix whatever ratio of jam, sugar and honey you like, mix it together and spoon 1/2 of it over the bottom wheel of brie. Put the top back on, spoon the second 1/2 on the top wheel so it looks like a sandwich gone berserk.

Put in a pyrex or other big enough baking dish and bake at 350 degrees until cheese starts melting and bubbling. Sprinkle the toasted pecans on top and serve with a knife and crackers. It is soooooo good! Enjoy!

P.S. I like to slice off the rind on top, dig a wide hole in the cheese, fill it with the filling and then put the dug out cheese back on top with more filling on top of that. This allows you to not have to eat the rind which some people don’t like.


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  1. I saw this baked brie recipe in the costco connections mag and decided to make it for a Thanksgiving appetizer. It was the most yummy baked brie I've ever had and my family LOVED it! Thanks, I will definitely make it again!

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